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lmnopistolMay , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional


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Apprently the company closed. Too bad, because I used this software in my Windows XP and was kind of hoping they would bring some updates or patches for it to work under Vista ou W.

Cool features which is why I wanted to use it.


Virtual Fashion Pro is the first shion design system that lets you bring your creative ntasies to life. You will be able to run a complete draping simulation to see how the garments adapt to the models pose according to the of brics chosen, as they would if they were real. You can customize your model changing the posture, cial gesture, eye, hair, and skin and you can even apply make up. VF PhotoStudio puts yourself behind the camera and offers you lighting effects, angles and zoom. Version . includes transparency value scale starting from , adds backup utility, progress bar, and a new button to reset simulation in VF Fitting Room.

Incompatible for my line of work. Misleading by company rep.

Wanted to use this for Maternity clothes and was told it could work by expanding the belly. Bought it, expanded the bellynot compatible. The clothes expand not the belly it impossible to use the features of the program. I asked for a patch to fix this and was told that it is a difficult project and a date could not be given as to when this could be fixed. This was alomost a year ago and nothing still. It is a nonrefundable software so Ive wasted money which I dont want back if I could get the product to work. Received an email today that new models have just been added. But a pregnant patch is too time consuming??? Asked a programer about this and was told that it should not be that difficult if that was the only change needed and should not be considered a time consuming task. No response to that when I mentioned it in my email that I submitted twice before getting a response.

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wouldnt run on VISTA despite download of patches

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content

Incompatible for my line of work. Misleading by company rep.

Lots of character options to work with Poser/DazStudio figuresboth female AND male, which is nice. Lots of view options, easy to use tools.

Get the best virtual . surround sound experience with any headphones.

dnaflorSeptember , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional

A tool for calculating realoading costs.

Get to know about the artificial intelligence app Jarvis Due to lack of having windows we have upgraded our software only in windows .

copuldnt get it to work on VISTA so i have no idea what the product is like

empressbatOctober , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional

rubisampleMarch , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional


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Customize your own D avatar, meet new people, chat, and create virtual goods.

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i am still learning how to work with this program.

I would keep using it and totally recomend if the company was serious.

It no longer works. you have to have access to their website to do most any of the extra features, including using the extra figures. Their website is no longer functional.

November , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional

Very easy and with a good prince if you compare it with similar softwares from other companies.

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chinadollFebruary , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional

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You have to buy each character separately from the main program. Can be a bit buggy. The upgrade from VF to VF Pro requires removal of VF but doesnt allow your old projects in VF Pro. Transitioning from one section to another can take a while.

i am still learning how to work with this program.

ladyjewellAugust , / Version Virtual Fashion Professional Popular Designer Dresses Virtual Fashion Professional


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