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. Louis Vuitton Double Stretch Wool Ruffle Dress louisvuitton

She has been the official brand ambassador for Tissot for almost years and she claimed that she has always been with them since her career in Bollywood has flourished. Tissot is one of the Swiss watch company giants who has been maintaining their luxe and quality for over one and a half century.

This elegantly crocheted lace dress gives the wearer an of exquisiteness. Accessorized with a pair of diamond earrings, nobody will ever forget you when you get to a party wearing this. This is part of LBDs little black dress collection. With a right measurement of heels of sandals, this party dress will make you an unforgetle guest.

Parties and festivals are what make this season bright. Everywhere is a party place and what makes a party a problem?

. GUI The ideal timepiece to glam up the st of OOTDs.

Seems like being Meg in the mily guy, starring in Bad Moms and being Ashton Kutchers boo isnt cool enough, Mila made a total of million with shows and endorsements alike. She was announced as the official global brand ambassador for Gemfields in and still is to this day. Gemfields is the known luxury brand for emeralds and popular precious ed gems based in Zambia. They said that they chose Kunis for her natural beauty and intelligence, a perfect representation of their products. She is also Diors vorite ambassador for years now.

Gucci is a brand for everyone, worn by men and women. People might think that shion is for women alone, they are wrong. Mens shion also exist, and Gucci has them covered. From shoes, clothes and accessories to make men standout from the rest. Wearing Gucci gives someone a sense of pride and superb radiance of how they look and how they strut the walkway. Wearing a popular brand that is known all over the world absolutely is something to take pride of. Men on Gucci admirably looks stunning with the way the brand is designed for them, a magnet for women who loves men wearing a brand that speaks for itself.

. DVF A lovely lace dress perfect for a winter wedding, cocktail gathering or dinner. Glam up in sophistication while wearing this dress.

. Hermes playful yet elegant pattern, will let you in fun

Yes! Earning million she is the only Chinese actress who made it to the list of this years highestpaid. She is very popular being cast in a role from XMen Days of Future past last . Majority of her earnings this year though are due to her movies Lady of the Dynasty and Skiptrace which were both locally released. She is currently ranking number one on Forbes Top Chinese Power List. She was chosen to represent Louis Vuitton in China due to the growing market for luxury spending in the said region.

Ever wondered why the brand Gucci is so popular? Why celebrities and mous iniduals carry the name? What makes it a soughtafter brand when in ct there are a lot of other signature brands in the market? Most people see Gucci as something that makes a wearer of the brand as someone bulous, someone exceptional to the eyes of others. There are so many reasons why a brand is popular; advertisements, word of mouth, etc. In the case of Gucci, being mous is because of the brands high standard of quality and magnificent designs that started since which was founded by Guccio Gucci of Florence.

. LOUIS VUITTON The small leather good that keeps your valuables in place simply smart and elegant.

Gucci is a giant of the shion world and is engaged in designing stylish garments which are meant for almost all occasions. The look and the label are both extremely important for becoming a salable item, with the name Gucci alone provides just that. Young men has a tendency to follow trendsetters in order to get updated with the latest shion trends and the trouble of paying extra cash does not really bother them at all, as long as they wear a mous brand and stylish shion, it all goes down on how they look and feel. So if you are one of those that ultimately loves shion, Gucci is a brand you might want to consider, decades of and quality, many years of popularity and most of all a brand that every lover looks up too.

Brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, Burberry, Prada, Tifny Co. and Christian Dior still topped the charts for the most patronized luxury brands in the planet. Their extravagant showcase of timeless designs and quality make their customers come back for more. The experience of being pampered while you are in the shop and getting your meticulous side tickled is what drives their patrons into loving them more. And to add to this, the use of such accessories from these luxury brands such class that you do not need to brag about how much excess money you have. It just shows upscale status. And a lot of people from high class societies will not think twice in spending to look expensive and classy.

It is true then, that at some point, we find ourselves spending more on accessories. But its alright, as they help you out express who you are and rightfully so if it makes us happy then why not?

This sleeveless mini black dress is suited best for those with flattering arms. It enhances ones physique and makes the wearer looks svelte and y. Augmented with a heart pendant gold necklace, this one surely makes oohs and ahhs oozing at the parties. High heeled sandals or a pair of black or white stilettoes will surely complete the looks.

This white gardeniadotted haute couture by Jean Louis Scherrer can be a conversationopener in any party. Besides, you dont need to talk about it, people will talk about you because you exude with beauty and elegance. Matched with a pearl necklace and a vintage clutch, you are perfect. To complete the outfit, pair it with white highheeled strappy sandals.

Or if your wardrobe has a matching cape for a more alluring look.

Prints have been a trend over several seasons. The right print and worn on the right occasion can help anyone stand out. Aside from wearing something fun, whimsical and quirky, these printed dresses can be a break from the usual black, white or gray.

Guccio Gucci died in and after his death the shion house was run by other heirs. Guccio had six children, four of whom are males. One of the sons, Aldo, took over some time after Guccis death. The turnover was very productive and was fortunate. From then on, from being a company exclusive at designing and producing clothes, the brand successfully managed to broaden and expand its business coverage. Now, the company also owns several other important personal products.

. Louis Vuitton Bubble Duo Bag Charm and Key Holder adorable cute in its bubble shape, and comes with bi shades, lovely!

Lets say that it would be your first time to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, you should be aware and would want to make sure your bag is made of the finest quality materials and with excellent craftsmanship. The tan leather trim must be of the finest oxidized leather and the metal trim is always of the highest quality metal. You also would want to make sure your bag is properly marked on the inside with the leather and the number on it. All stitching on a Louis Vuitton Bag is always properly done because if there are flaws with the stitching, damages will then be inevile. Another thing is that Louis Vuitton bags are always made from one continuous piece of bric so on one side of the Louis Vuitton will be upside down. If all of the LVs are straight up your bag is a ke so this is a good way to tell if you have the real thing or not. Now you know what Louis Vuitton is all about and a bit knowledge on the LV merchandise, you will never be fooled again by bogus resellers of the mous brand. Be wise on buying the LV brand because it hurts when you get the ke one.

. FENDI Isnt this screaming cuteness? A perfect pompom charm to bling up your bag. A lot of charm choices on their site.

This shion makeup is not only a trend but it also is something that is called for this season. However, sometimes this kind of makeup will only do with the right outfit. Usually, this makeup accentuates emerald green gowns or yet elegant little black dress like this.

ShareReading time minFashionGlittering night shion this season

Scarves can be worn in a lot of ways. Luxury scarves can be a good collection as they can be worn with several outfits, in different s, and on several occasions. A good investment since they can last several seasons and trends. They are super stylish and can make any boring outfit into a shionable one.

You may have seen that fluffy thing hanging in those expensive bags, or those quirky and oneofakind jewelry or accessories, and it surely not just made you happy but made you want one as well. Accessories are a sure way to stand out, especially if they are matched perfectly with your bag, your shoes or with what you are wearing. Having these cute and quirky items are sure mood boosters which can help you feel better. With the right charm and accessories on hand, you can turn the st of outfits into something shionable.

Holidays are st approaching and you have wanted to update your wardrobe and get the latest shion finds. Or you would want to look around for shionable items from luxury brands that could be an ideal gift for your loved ones. You want to dig into the latest and coolest items or trends that are just freshly released into the eagerly waiting market. Lets take a look then at some unique items from top luxury brands that can surely help get that shion fix.

We want these dresses to help us express who we really are. Prints are perfect in showing what interests us, the patterns that we like and prefer. It can be an effective extension of our iniduality. In the st evolving shion world, we want dresses that effortlessly exude femininity and elegance, and they can be found not just in plain dresses, but in the unexpected beauty of prints as well.

. s Haute Couture Scherrer Strapless Black and White Tulle Dress stdibs

. Prada the cute little robot to accompany you on your daily adventure

Jen is again the worlds highestpaid woman! Not only that she tops the list, she is also the youngest in the bunch. Earning a staggering million in total with her movies, shows and brand endorsements. Her role in The Hunger Games franchise has plummeted and pinned her to her place where she is currently unbeale. She has been Diors Brand ambassador since , now the yearold actress is now being eyed to endorse some of the largest luxury brands in the land.

There are instances when these kinds of accessories are acceple. Formal parties are one of the examples of the occasion where youcan wear something like this. If you want to be a crowddrawer, using this with the right outfit will surely hit the mark. So try wearing large gold chain necklace when you are donning a very low neckline or better yet strapless gown to draw the guests eyes to where your asset is.

This is the season of glitters. From shoes to wardrobes, everything seems shimmering and glittering. But overdoing the glitters will make you look like a flickering light in the night. However, there are some tricks that will make glitter a shion musthave during this season of glitters.

What are the possible choices then? See below

On the other hand, people who are more practical and want to experience such luxury but are not willing to cash out huge amounts of money rely on indie brands that offer not only quality but almost the same experience as the luxury brands. Indie brand owners understand that what is more important to the masses is the ct that they will be able to indulge themselves with a little bit of luxury and experience for r less than the amount most people like celebrities are so willing to give away. Many people believe that wearing designer clothes does not need to be that extravagant, if you know where to get the goods and how to carry them like celebrities.

. COACH Might want to stop yourself from drooling over this eyecandy. Staying elegance in a subtle way, check out this Mercer Satchel from their new arrival list

Rumor has it that luxury brands need to be wary of indie brands taking over the digital market and are becoming lucrative in the coming years as predicted by experts. Luxury giants have always been sticking to their old ways of customers being in the shop while they cater to their needs. While indie brands are dominating the internet by storm due to availability and the convenience to obtain the products via online shopping. Although it is obvious that there is a competition between these two, there is this tangible barrier that separates them and that is the monetary value. Big brands may not care as much as indie brands do in terms of sales, their revenue come from the long line of aristocrats who are willing to spend tons of money while the later will remain to cater people who are much more into the visual value, a glimpse of luxury as they may call it. It is all about choosing between the ct that customers want to feel luxurious or look luxurious or vice versa giving more meaning to the saying whatever floats your boat.

Not all and of women are allowed to wear this of shion. This kind of dresses enhances the petite and svelte frame of a woman. But there are also cuts and designs that make this of dresses or gowns that accentuate the form of a plump lady.

Such lovely items, perfect for a complete OOTD. Their uniqueness can surely make one smile. May it be from the lovely dress to that unique luxurious find, feel free to get yourself some of these items. Will be totally worth it especially if it makes one happy and smile and feels more elegant in every little shionable way it can.

. Gucci the lovely floral print silk scarf, such unique pattern to brighten up any OOTD

. BURBERRY Colors that perfectly blend with the holidays. A shionable item to keep yourself warm against the winter breeze.

Whereas the ux diamondencrusted stilettoes are best suited when you are wearing a little dress, black or red.

. Fendi look at that tryingtobescary ce, cute to have this one guarding your bag.

Glittering shion is not complete without sandals and stilettoes. Some of them are best used when they are yet elegant. But when the time calls, these kind of foot coverings are the best option to use. Glittering strappy highheeled sandals are best worn when you are donning a flowing yet having a long cut in front and longneckline gown.

Who wouldve thought right?! Melissa has reported earnings of million just for the remake of Ghostbusters movie where she starred as one of the Ghostbusters. Her roles in Gilmore Girls, Central Intelligence, and The Boss made her huge as well. Admittedly being a plus , she designs and endorses her own clothing line which is also the reason why you see her right up to the second spot in the list this year. Her Seven is now getting attention from all plusd women who want to look and feel good and y.

The Printed Personality Printed Dress from Luxury Brands

From Tom Fords AutumnWinter collection, this black silk evening dress will never put you down. Right dress for this season, it has a cape to double as your protector against cold aside from giving you a chic look. No need for many accessories, you can pull this dress off by wearing red stilettoes with matching red clutch.

A scarf is a sure way to turn a outfit into a more elegant or polished look. Sometimes, an outfit already looks good by itself; however, the use of scarf brings something more into it. The s, prints or of a scarf can brighten up the look or make the OOTD more interesting and shionable. We have seen a lot of s, from the st to the most iconic, still matched with a scarf. This has then become an important piece or accessory to go with an outfit, especially in the winter or when it is simply chilly.

The right scarf can complement a womans . Usually worn in the neck but can be worn in several ways and can be matched with a lot of outfits. Luxury scarves, even the st one, are a shion statement that can go with your look. It can make you look elegant, exclusive and that you pay high importance to what you wear. Scarves are also for all ages, and aside from keeping one warm and warding off a cold, you will feel glammed up while staying warm.

For starter, Im very biased with sparkling jewels. These pieces of jewelry do not always make you look lovely and elegant. Sometimes, the wrong usage of any piece of it will make you look like an overaccessorized scarecrow. So better watch out on what to use and what not to use.

This accessory highlights the very delicate huge part of a woman, her arms. For rookies, wearing an accessory something like this is a nono if you have plump arms. Furthermore, wearing this while donning a fullsleeved dress or gown is a nobrainer as well. However, its Grecianinspired gowns like this that makes this accessory helpful and attractive.

The star of the hit movie Bajirao Mastani, she earned a total of million her one of the most promising Bollywood actresses in the land.

These charms and accessories are perfect gift ideas, as these are sure ways of helping someone express themselves or be unique in their . Aside from being eyecatchers, these items are fun ways of glamming up. And their cuteness will be a sure way to be keep you happy through the day. These will help you express your and who you are. And it is such a great feeling if we find something that can be extensions of what we feel or what we like Simply put, something that can relate itself back to us.

. Dolce Gabanna clip on earrings that are really uniquely d

Earning a total of million between June to June there is no doubt these Hollywood actresses made it to the top Highest Paid Actresses List by Forbes. And with these ginormous paychecks, lets investigate more on which shion brands contributed in dressing these dolls up in exchange for being a brand ambassador.

Large golden chain or clustered diamond necklace

. Burberry the regimental Thomas bear charm. Now this can really make you sigh as you take in the cuteness of this little bear.

The Mad Max star has made . million in total and it is even rumored that her supporting role in The Huntsman Winters War has earned her a staggering million alone. Dubbed as the Golden Goddess Mirror she returns in the list from her inclusion. She endorses brands like Dior JAdore perfume and Uniqlo Heattech.

A single mistake of wearing an unpopular or unattractive outfit will definitely ruin your whole night. So choose the right ones with the right curves and the right s.

. Fendi the pretty pattern will surely glam up any plain outfit

These women, with their popularity and power over all media, brands choose them for their personality and not just their crowd prowess. They exude class and different desirable qualities that make them the best pick in any role they were chosen for. Their earnings say it all. Now that the year is almost over, lets wait and see who will make it to the list for the next year. But for now, this list is more than enough what to expect from popular brands and how they want to reach to people of all ages and class.

Of course, no one goes wrong with a mini black dress at parties. It will not only hide the unwanted flab, it will also make you glow at night, literally. Below are the best mini black party dresses you can wear to be the star of the party. With a little help from some of the right accessories surely you will never get out of place in every party you get to attend.

. Hermes from the mous house of scarves, the simplicity of the blocking is a perfect match to your

Returning as Lois Lane in Warner Bros. D.C. Comics series franchise, Adams made an undoubtedly total of . million which justifies her Oscar nominations. This girl has defended her spot on the list since . Max Mara, Charles Worthington, and Lacoste Fragrances trusted her brand of uality and cs to endorse their products. She also is one of the actresses who made Harpers Bazaar successful!

Louis Vuitton together with his design house started in France about years ago. Known originally as a luggage trunk manucturer, Louis Vuitton promptly began designing luxury luggage in the late s in Paris. The company immediately took hold with consumers who were attracted to highend products. What made the company different from its competitors was an unrivaled dedication to quality. When we say quality, it means there is a high degree of quality that is within the product. When Louis Vuitton passed away in , his son Georges took over the company and on the same year the Louis Vuitton handbag was introduced to the market.

As years go by, a variety of the Louis Vuitton handbags continue to be introduced to the market. Aficionados wait to see what would be next in line of products and true to the ct, they were never disappointed. Whatever new Louis Vuitton handbag that hits the shelves is an instant success. Helping in the companys enormous success is the unrestrained passion for the Louis Vuitton handbags among celebrities. Louis Vuitton is a brand name synonymous with success of which the handbag has become a status symbol among the rich and mous around the world.

An asymmetrical sleeveless black dress cant get anything wrong! The wearer becomes ier is an understatement. Accessorized with a pair of tiny diamond earrings and crimson red lips, becoming the star of the party will not be r off. The looks will be complete with red highheeled sandals.

With her role in Ghost in The Shell at . million, she rocketed on the rd spot on this years list! It seems that being Natasha Romonoff is not the only role that is keeping this actress hot on her seat these days. Being the Black Widow and some other roles made her a whopping million richer this year. Dolce and Gabbana have been reported to be a culprit to her status these days as well.

Though it is important to have plained classic pieces at bay, it is equally important to have clothes with beautiful prints and patterns. As too much of a plain can be boring, it is important how to dress up using patterns that can brighten you up and help you showcase your personality.

From a range ofdressto accessories, below are some of the latest shion finds from top luxury brands. The uniqueness invokes a design of the next level, ensuring that each item will help you find your personality and help you flaunt your iniduality.

. Louis Vuitton another beauty from the same brand. Simple, yet you can see a lot of outfit that will match with this one.

Making it to the top proves that Jenny still has it. With her timeless beauty and gorgeous body, Hollywood movie producers will never get tired of her quirks and funny personality. Her roles in the movies, The Bounty Hunter, Were the Millers, Cake, and Wanderlust may not be very huge in production but she still earns from the continuous airing of her popular sitcom back in the s The Friends star made a whopping Million in total with endorsements from luxury airline Emirates, Aveeno and Vitamin Water.

The Luxury Brands Who Dressed the Top Paid Actresses in Part

While topping the charts over a decade ago as the HIGHEST Paid actress in Hollywood, it only shows that Julia Roberts still got the hots to land on the top for this years list. Earning a total of million in , Roberts proved to be still one of the most coveted brand ambassadors on the planet. LancĂ´me, Calzedonia, and Givenchy are just some of the luxury brands who never regretted choosing her as a representative.

Some wardrobes are best partnered with shimmering makeups while other makeups are better with glittering getup. Thats right! Some things are made to enhance or accentuate other things, sometimes.

. Tom Ford Black Silk Evening Dress With Matching Cape

This piece of art should only be worn when your getup is already highlyaccessorized like this one.

. Balenciaga haute couture black dress, circa

The Battle Between Luxury Brands and Indie Brands

With a pair of pearl teardrop earrings, this dress will make you the talk of the town at the parties. Attendees will never get enough talking with you and about you. This dress is part of Chanels Spring collections. Any shades of white or black stilettoes will do the complete trick.

. Coach The Metal Rexy Bag Charm, yes it can be weirdly cute, but it is still cute. Would be like a mini pet that you can bring on any road trip.

In , the rise of indie brands in the world of shion has become more and more lucrative especially on the internet. Small time business owners tried and succeeded in capturing the hearts of the more practical millennials by introducing quality products for r less than the amount of expensive and eslished luxury brands. But then again luxury brands continued to flourish over the years with the birth of the new generation of welloffs that can very well afford the jaw dropping price tags.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most trusted designer brands, and they have very rigid guidelines on their designs and quality. It is very easy to identify a ke Louis Vuitton from an authentic one. If you are buying a Louis Vuitton in person, might as well buy a new authentic bag in their own authorized stores. If you are trying to buy elsewhere it is very possible that it is not authentic. There are online stores and places to buy authentic bags but be aware that any Louis Vuitton handbag you try to buy online which is discounted or cheaper than on their retail site would be definitely a ke.

. Louis Vuitton with a beautiful pattern of flowers and leaves, this will surely bring femininity

Today, Gucci is one of the bestselling Italian brand in the market and in the shion industry. It also has a high rank with the Top Global Brands which makes it considerably and obviously popular. Gucci is a brand that most mous celebrities in the movie and film industry often wear to show how elegant they look in the eyes of their beloved ns and admirers.

. Chanel Little Black Sequin Chain Cocktail Dress


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